My Background

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I am a big believer in holistic heath and have dedicated the last 35 years to the arts of massage therapy, holistic health, yoga and becoming a Doula.

I believe that we are all on a path to enlightenment and balancing one's body through meditation, healthy eating, exercise, massage, and right mindedness takes us there.

I love being a conduit for the energy to flow through me to the client and seeing the change in them and the difference it makes in their lives.

I began massage therapy in 1984.  I apprenticed under Hannah Kroger which consisted of human anatomy, herbs, homeopathy, and how it all pertained to the body  I furthered my training under the tutelage of Dr. William Martin and worked with him at the Bio-Health Center in Redford, MI.  Which included massage therapy, colon irrigation, herbs, and homeopathy. 


I continued my studies under Doctor Hoffman at his practice out in Ogden, Utah. He taught me to use energy modality of healing which included  being able to transmit the energies of herbs to clients all over the world.  

I decided to further by studies with Carl Bayha, certified acupuncturist, in 2002 and completed 600 hours of massage related therapies. (acupressure/shiatsu/oriental meridian lines)  With this training, it has enhanced my massage therapy to an even higher realm of healing for my clients.  

I am a Registered Yoga Instructor (which included  anatomy and how to improve clients’ postures/aches/pains within the use of asanas)  This has enabled me to assist my clients even more on their day to day rhythms and give them pointers as to their posture at the desk/driving/sitting etc. 


I became certified as a Doula and a Post-Partum Doula in November  2012 and have been using all of my prior training to assist women in the birth/laboring process.  

I have received my Holistic Health Practitioners certification from the Om Wellness Institute.  This course covers Aromatherapy – which I have been using with a greater knowledge base to assist my clients through whatever emotions, anxieties, pains, etc.; Ayurveda – which is a study of healing the whole person through life style changes/diet/spirituality/massage (pedikarma/shirodhana etc), learning marma points; as well as Herbology – the study of western and Chinese herbs.


I recently added Thai Yoga Massage into my practice.  Where you use massage while in a yogic posture, which allows deepening into the posture as well as stretching the muscles being activated.


As you can see over the last 35 years, I have been honing and enhancing my skills as a massage therapist and passing this onto all of my clients.  The massage technique I use is intuitive - each client may receive different modalities of massage along with aromatherapy each time they are on my table.  Every massage is different for each person as well as each time they come in for a massage.

Building my repertoire of knowledge has given me a gift of seeing first hand the first inhalation of life in my Doula practice as well as seeing the last breath of life on an exhale (hospice care)

This work, whether it's a massage client or a birthing mother, is very awe inspiring and I am very humbled by each and every person that I come in contact with.

I am truly blessed.